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About us

What we do?

Design and equipping poultry halls



ventilation and heating system for greenhouse halls



Ventilation and heating system for livestock halls



Ventilation and heating system of industrial niches-factories-gymnasiums



Design, production and commissioning of complete line of poultry feed

About us

Alvand Industrial Group was established in 1985 with the Ministry of Heavy Industries license under the brand name “Alvand Tarash” to manufacture textile parts. Since 1990 factory’s activity was focused on producing Hot Air Furnaces in different capacities under the brand name “Alvand Heater” which was greatly welcomed by poultry owners. In the early 2000s, this company, with the purpose of designing and equipping poultry halls, changed its brand name to “Alvand Poultry Industry” and added 100-120-140 cm Exhaust Fans, automatic Pan Feeding and Nipple Drinking Systems, and then Jet Heaters and Inlet Windows to its products basket. Following this path by exporting its products to neighboring countries and implementing projects of constructing and commissioning of livestock feed manufacturing companies, Alvand Poultry Industry achieved more success.

After constructing the new factory exceeding 8000 square meters and utilizing advanced machinery in 2016, we chose the brand name “AlvandIndustrial Group” with the purpose of improving existing products and satisfying the need of ventilation and heating systems in different halls including greenhouses, livestock husbandry, industrial, and so on. In this evolution, production capacity has increased threefold and moreover,departments of Research and Development and Quality Control labs have become more equipped.

Receiving pleasant feedback from multiple customers, Alvand Industrial Group is determined to increase product quality, expand After-Sale Services and increase the variety of available products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the considerations for buying a good industrial fan?

1-Desired aeration in terms of watts consumed

2-Confirmation of valid official laboratories for aeration at zero Pascal and 20 Pascal

3-Product certified by National Standards Office

4-Having centrifugal technology

5-Using quality parts made of new materials

6-Use two grease bearing and two bearings to increase cross-section and better power transfer

How to buy a heater that suits your needs?

In calculations according to the coldest day of the year in the area – the temperature required in the salon – the type of walls and ceiling insulation – the number of doors and windows and the use of salmon in terms of livestock and poultry – plant and flower – industrial halls -Sports-Assemblies, etc. With the presence of manpower, your type and capacity of heating is selected in terms of either direct (no exhaust) or indirect (exhaust) heaters.

Techniques to consider when buying a heater include: 1- Aerodynamics of the furnace to prevent static loss 2- Furnace resistance to fire 3- Efficiency above 80% 4- Good insulation for no heat loss 5- No vibration 6- Use standard fan to circulate heat in all parts of the hall
Selecting a heater bearing the national standard of Iran indicates compliance with safety and optimum efficiency.

What inlet is right for my lounge?

Due to the different types of ventilation (Minimum-Transition-Tunnel) when the poultry house needs minimal ventilation or Minimum Ventilation is the most optimal way to use inlet. In choosing the inlet should be based on the sex and strength of the inlet body and its design. The wind conductor under the roof is also carefully insulated and the insert should be completely insulated from the heat and cold and prevent air and light from penetrating the interior. Each inlet should have 2,200 cubic meters of air inlet.

Two-stroke inlets In addition to fulfilling the basic function of inlet ventilation, in the summer it can also be very effective in cooling poultry. The two-stroke inlet design is such that the sides of the wet bed wall are not visible.

What are the benefits of a circular ventilator?

The use of a circular ventilator in the summer helps with the performance of the ventilator, directing the air to areas of stagnant air and in the winter to distribute heat for less time throughout the hall, reducing fuel consumption.

What is the most suitable ventilation for livestock?

At temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius it reduces feed intake and consequently reduces livestock product (such as milk) which in addition threatens animal health. Therefore, using proper and uniform air conditioning around the livestock and reducing heat stress can prevent its effects. Use of both lattice and orbit ventilators in different sizes with regard to space will provide the most efficiency in livestock.

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