Alvand Industrial Group, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

About us

Alvand Industrial Group was established in 1985 with the Ministry of Heavy Industries license under the brand name “Alvand Tarash” to manufacture textile parts. Since 1990 factory’s activity was focused on producing Hot Air Furnaces in different capacities under the brand name “Alvand Heater” which was greatly welcomed by poultry owners. In the early 2000s, this company, with the purpose of designing and equipping poultry halls, changed its brand name to “Alvand Poultry Industry” and added 100-120-140 cm Exhaust Fans, automatic Pan Feeding and Nipple Drinking Systems, and then Jet Heaters and Inlet Windows to its products basket. Following this path by exporting its products to neighboring countries and implementing projects of constructing and commissioning of livestock feed manufacturing companies, Alvand Poultry Industry achieved more success.

After constructing the new factory exceeding 8000 square meters and utilizing advanced machinery in 2016, we chose the brand name “AlvandIndustrial Group” with the purpose of improving existing products and satisfying the need of ventilation and heating systems in different halls including greenhouses, livestock husbandry, industrial, and so on. In this evolution, production capacity has increased threefold and moreover,departments of Research and Development and Quality Control labs have become more equipped.

Receiving pleasant feedback from multiple customers, Alvand Industrial Group is determined to increase product quality, expand After-Sale Services and increase the variety of available products.

National Standard badge of Iran

Iran’s standard national emblem for the production of Jet-Heater and Ventilator

ISO 9001-2015

Has the standard ISO 9001-2015 badge on the quality management system from Switzerland

Warranty and after sales service

24-hour response and coverage of the whole country
After-sales service for 10 years


Our engineers at R&D are always looking to apply the latest knowledge to create new and expanded products, processes and services.

Quality control laboratories

Using well-equipped laboratories inside and outside the organization to test product quality improvement

Sales consultants

Our sales team consider themselves to be the customer’s decision makers and are ready to expertly tailor your salon needs, technically introduce products and answer your questions.

Continuous improvement

We believe in continuous improvement (Kaizen) in all processes of the organization. The message of Kaizen’s strategy is to summarize that even one day should not be spent in one part of the organization or company without some improvement.

Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Is Not A Slogan In today’s competitive marketplace, companies need to produce high quality products and services in order to survive and gain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Today, achieving customer satisfaction that ultimately leads to profitability is the main purpose of business.


Unemployment is the country’s top issue these days, and every Iranian should strive to get the youth out of the limbo of youth unemployment. Also, the manufacturer must not allow its customers to seek foreign goods by offering superior quality and lower prices. By buying quality Iranian goods, both the buyer and seller benefit the community.

بهترین در بازار

We have been with you since year 6 and we consider all our staff, customers, agents and suppliers to be members of the great Alvand family.