Alvand Industrial Group, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

هیترجت ۱۰۰ هزار , دو موتوره

General specifications

Backed with 30 years of experience in production heaters in the years 2011 Alvand industrial Group
made to build heaters in different capacities and made constant improvement and utilizing high
quality materials and parts a priority to able to provide a product that can compete in global market
and is worthy of Iranian customers.

Different types of jet heater

Single-motor 100000 kcal/h jet heater (gasoline, natural gas, liquid gas, dual ful)
Twin-engine 100000 kcal/h jet heater (gasoline, natural gas, liquid gas, dual ful)
Gasoline, natural gas and liquid gas (stationary and wheeled)


۱٫Proper air circulation and steady air temperature
۲٫Release the lowest amount of pollutants in the environment due to efficient design of the fuelset
۳٫an electronic faucet is provided on heaters which word with gasoline to stop gasoline from
entering pump and furnace automatically if the flame is turned off
۴٫ the sensor on heaters which work with shut down gas flow gas entrance if the flame is turned off
for any reason that prevents fire and explosions
۵٫controlling ambient temperature with a peripheral thermostst that can be installed on the
۶٫possibility to connect to automation systems
۷٫one years gold warranty.
۸٫ supply of parts and after-sales services for 10 years

Applied types

Poultry_ greenhouses_animal husbandry-industrial factories

Furnace: fireproof plate with 1.5 mm thickness and resistant from direct flame up to 925 c

Body: stainless, moisture resistant

Propeller: High temperature resistant PPG

Gasoline pump: Denmark s Danfoos brand (Danfoos L5) and provided electronic faucet

Electronic fauset: from reputable European brands

Electromotor : single-phased (0.55kw)

Warhead : adjustable warhead with closely electromotor diameters and angles to conduct and launch warm air up to 25 memters spout

Fuel set : unique design which combines air and fuel completely and absorbs small amounts of dust

Technical Specification of Jet Heater 100,000

Weight (kg) Current (A) Wind Throw Rate (m) Fan Air Flow Rate (m3/h) Fuel Consumption Motor Power (kW) 1ph Gen Fuel Type Jet Heater Type
۵۳ ۲٫۷ ۲۵ ۷۰۰۰ ۱۱ m3/h ۰٫۵۵ Gas H 1G 100
۶۷ ۳٫۲ ۲۵ ۷۰۰۰ ۱۱ m3/h ۰٫۵۵ Gas H 2G 100
۵۱ ۲٫۷  



۷۰۰۰ ۱۱٫۱ Liter/h ۰٫۵۵ Gas Oil H 1D 100
۶۵ ۳٫۲ ۲۵ ۷۰۰۰ ۱۱٫۱ Liter/h ۰٫۵۵ Gas Oil H 2D 100