Alvand Industrial Group, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

هیترجت HP

General specifications

Backed with 30 years of experience in production heaters in the years 2011 Alvand industrial Group
made to build heaters in different capacities and made constant improvement and utilizing high
quality materials and parts a priority to able to provide a product that can compete in global market
and is worthy of Iranian customers.

Different types of jet heater

Single-motor 100000 kcal/h jet heater (gasoline, natural gas, liquid gas, dual ful)
Twin-engine 100000 kcal/h jet heater (gasoline, natural gas, liquid gas, dual ful)
Gasoline, natural gas and liquid gas (stationary and wheeled)


۱٫ Appropriate air circulation and uniform
۲٫ Release the lowest permissible level of pollutants
in the environment by efficient fuel collection
۳٫ Easy portability
۴٫ One year’s Gold warranty
۵٫ Supply of parts and after- sales services for 10

Applied types

Poultry_ greenhouses_animal husbandry-industrial factories

Furnace: Fireproof plate with 1mm thick, direct
flame resistant
Body: St12 sheet thickness 1mm with thermoseafting
Blade: made of aluminum
Electromotor: high quality performance