Alvand Industrial Group, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran


General specifications

Alvand industrial group presents VORTEX’s two-stoke
inlet with a unique design and Netherlands’s technology of
the day.
VORTEX’s two-stoke inlet is fully frost and heat resistant
when closed and has no exchange of air or light with the
external environment, therefore minimum ventilation will
be done properly.


۱٫ Ability to open and close inlet’s door in two
directions (upwards or downwards)
۲٫ Designed from the phenomenon of vortex which
results in maximum flow of stagnant air in top of
the hall
۳٫ The aerodynamic design of inlet which results in
air tightness and the air flow being directed to
under the ceiling
۴٫ High quality materials of ABS

Salon Width( m):    ۱۲
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۱۲٫۵
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۱۳۳۰

Salon Width( m):    ۱۴
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۱۵
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۱۵۵۵

Salon Width( m):    ۱۵
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۱۷٫۵
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۱۶۳۵

Salon Width( m):    ۱۸
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۲۰
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۱۷۳۵

Salon Width( m):    ۲۱
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۲۲٫۵
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۱۸۹۰

Salon Width( m):    ۲۴
Static Pressure( Pa):    ۲۵
Air Flow( m3/h):    ۲۰۴۰