Alvand Industrial Group, Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran, Iran

هواکش Orbit

General specifications

Appropriate air circulation in factories, conference halls,
stadiums, livestocks, poultry farms, greenhouses, etc.


۱٫ High aeration and proper air distribution
around the livestock
۲٫ Efficiency above 15 watis per 1000 cubic
meters per hour of aeration
۳٫ Low noise, about 60 dB (A)
۴٫ One year’s Gold warranty
۵٫ Supply of parts and after-sales services for 10

Advantages of the Orbital Fan for Livestock

In temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius reduce feed
intake and consequently reduce livestock production
(such as milk),in addition, their health is also threatened.
Therefore; by the use of proper and uniform air
conditioning around the livestock and the reduction of
heat stress, its complications can be avoided.

Advantages of the Orbital Fan for Factories

Heat and lack of oxygen for the workforce create
drowsiness and sluggishness, which reduces the
efficiency of the workforce, thereby dramatically
increasing production efficiency in the work

Air Flow rate at 0 pa (m3/h) Current (A) Motor Power (kW)

Gen 3ph

Blade Diameter (cm) Blade Material Blade Number Fan Type
۵۰۴۰۰ ۲٫۵ ۱٫۱ ۱۳۰ PPG ۳ Orbit140
۲۱۵۰۰ ۱٫۷ ۰٫۵۵ ۹۱٫۵ PPG ۵ Orbit100
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