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Know more about past untill present and from the present untill future of Alvand

Alvand in the Past

Alvand Industrial Group was founded and started working in 1983 by obtaining an operating license from the Ministry of Heavy Industries under the name of Alvand Thrash with the aim of manufacturing textile parts, measuring machine and fabric inspection. Since 1368, the activity of this factory under the name of Alvand Heater has been devoted to the production of cabinet heaters in various capacities and has been especially welcomed by the owners of the poultry industry. At the beginning of the 1980s, this group changed its name to Alvand Poultry Industry with the aim of designing and equipping poultry halls and added 140 automatic feeders and waterers and then 120 100 heat jet ventilators and inlet windows to its product portfolio. Alvand Industries achieved increasing success by exporting its products to neighboring countries and by implementing projects for the construction and operation of animal and poultry feed factories.

Alvand Today

After building a new factory with an area of ​​8000 square meters and using advanced machines and latest technology in 1395, the Alvand Industrial Group brand was established with the vision of improving the current products and responding to the needs of air conditioning and heating of all types of halls, including greenhouses, animal husbandry, We chose industrial and… In this development, the production capacity of the products increased to three times the previous amount, and as a result of the increase in production, the departments related to the research and development unit and the quality control laboratories also became more efficient. Alvand Industrial Group is determined to improve product quality, expand after-sales services and increase the variety of available products by receiving appropriate feedback from numerous customers.

Alvand for the Future

as soon as the third Alvand factory will be launched, and expanding the network of representatives along with increasing the quality of production and the scope of support services are our priorities.

Alvand Manager

حسین باقری الوند

Hossein Bagheri


Mohamad Rasool Bahari

Sale and Marketing Manager


Production Manager

Visiting Alvand exhibition

Alvand Industrial Group’s products are used in poultry farms, greenhouses, livestock farms, sports halls, production and industrial halls, farms and bitcoin farms, etc. Learn more about our products.

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