inlet vortex

inlet vortex

Small Inlets that called Vortex have windows with 30 × 60 cm dimensions that are installed 30cm beneath ceilings on longitudinal walls. Alvand inlets are insulated against heat, cold, and light due to their appropriate seaming. Their suitable design, and the best non recycled raw materials in their production result in easier control of inlet air to saloons.

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Small Inlet Technical specifications

3.73 Kg
1330 m3
Min ventialtion volum
2040 m3
Max ventialtion volum

Small Inlet Vortex Introducting

They collect the cold weather from outside under ceilings and in the place of heat concentration. Circulate fan is applied in greenhouses, poultry farms and industrial plants to make air flow. Its main function is making uniform temperature, humidity, oxygen and CO2 in saloons. Inlet VortexSmall Inlet Wortex

Big inlet specifications

Due to the proper sealing, the Elvand inlets are insulated against heat, cold and light, and due to the appropriate design and the use of the best raw and non-recycled materials in the production, it has a significant effect on the ease of controlling the air entering the hall.

Small Inlet Technical specifications

  1. installation Dimensions (cm):30*60
  2. External dimensions (cm):130×40
  3. Ventilation volume (m3):2660-4084
  4. Weight(kg):15

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