V-flofan ventilation (50cm)

Flufen 50 ventilator with 7 blades in two Takfar and three-phase models can be used in greenhouses, poultry farms, livestock farms, and all kinds of sports and industrial halls.

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V-flofan Technical specifications

50 Cm
Propeller Diameter
10.5 Kg
7 Blades

V-flofan (7 blades) Introducting

Flow fan is applied in new generation of green houses and poultry farms in order to make vertical airflow. So, through air suction from the ground and its combination with air over the saloon, a uniform temperature and humidity takes place there.

V-flofan Tips

  1. Airing scope is 18m diameter
  2. No barriers or pieces should be placed up to 2m distance
  3. Circulate and flow fans should not be used simultaneously
  4. The device should be installed with 0.5m distance from greenhouse chord center
  5. All skylights should be closed during the device is on.

V-Flofan Specifications

  • Isodynamic design at the top of the fan for better airing
  • Saving energy
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Less fuel expenses
  • Continuous air flow with uniform speed in saloons
  • .
  • 18-month guarantee
  • 10-year after sale services

V-flofan (7-50cm) Technical specifications

  1. Blades:7
  2. Propeller Diameter (cm):50
  3. Single-phase motor (kW):300
  4. Three-phase motor (kW):295
  5. Single-phase amps:1.5
  6. Three-phase amps:0.65
  7. single-phase motor ventilation volume (m3):5900
  8. Three-phase motor ventilation volume (m3):6000
  9. Single-phase propeller speed (Rpm): 1400
  10. Tree-phase propeller speed (Rpm):1400
  11. weight(kg):10.5

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