orbit fan 80

Ventilator Orbit fan 80 (5 propeller PPG)

Orbit 80 ventilator has 5 Blades made by polypropylene material with a diameter-130, can be used in greenhouses, poultry farms, livestock farms, and all kinds of sports and industrial halls.

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Orbit fan 80 (5 propeller PPG) Specification

82 Cm
Propeller Diameter
23000 m3
Air volum
Propeller material

Orbit fan 80 (5 propeller) polypropylene introducing

By producing Orbit ventilators, Alvand Industrial Group has made it possible for the consumer to create a suitable air circulation in livestock, industrial and workshop environments, increase efficiency and provide an environment with pleasant air.

Orbit fan 80 (5 Blades) polypropylene Specifications

  1. Energy saving and low noise
  2. Three phase electrogene engine, 380v, IP55 protection class
  3. High airing and proper air distribution
  4. High output
  5. Easy installation
  6. 18-month guarantee
  7. 10-year after sale services

Orbit fan 80 Technical Specifications

  1. Propeller:5
  2. Propeller material: polypropylene (PPG)
  3. Propeller Diameter (cm): 82
  4. Motorpower (Kw): 1.1
  5. amps: 1.7
  6. Air Throw(m3):23000

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