Cabinet Heaters (100K cal) economy

This heater is used in green houses, poultry farms, industrial places and plants for the purpose of making desirable warm air (without any pollutant gas). Alvand Industrial Group produces cabinet heaters in three capacities of 150Kcol, 250Kcol and 300Kcol. The product code is H-100ke.

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Warm Air Heater 100k cal Specifications

160 Kg
0 .
Number of fans
9500 m3
Air volum

Cabinet Heaters (100K cal) introducing

buying economic cabinet heater (hot air furnace) with a capacity of 100k calories, which is used to produce hot air without polluting gases. This product can be used in greenhouses, poultry farms, sports halls, industrial sheds, farms, livestock farms, etc.

Cabinet Heaters (100K cal) specifications

  1. Stainless steel furnace
  2. Double walled body with fiberglass coating
  3. Ability to design in 2 models single-output and three-output
  4. Steel fireguard at the end of furnace
  5. Hexagonal book formed exchangers (increasing air contact surface with the exchanger)
  6. Unique design of exchangers prevents heat waste from chimney
  7. Accurate design and dimensions of furnace and proper with
  8. heating capacity
  9. 18-month guarantee
  10. 10-year after sale services

Cabinet Heaters (100K cal) specifications

  1. Heating capacity: 100 calories
  2. Furnacedimensions (cm): 100*35*70
  3. Heaterdimensions (cm): 105*127*82
  4. Weight(Kg): 190
  5. Numberof fans
  6. Fandiameter (cm): 60
  7. Air Volume (m3 per hour): 9500

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