Jet Heater (100Kcal) double-motor

The double-engine Heter Jet 100 is produced in 2models with and without chimney. Also, this product can be ordered with gas, diesel and dual fuel.

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Jet Fan 100 double motor technical specification

0.5 Kw
Engin power
5000 m3
Air volum
1450 Rpm
Engin speed

Jet Fan 100 double motor introducing

Alvand double-engine heather jet 100 buying directly which can be used to produce hot air in greenhouses, chicken farms, sports halls, industrial sheds and places, farms, livestock farms, etc. This heater is produced in chimney and chimneyless models with gas, diesel and dual fuels.

Jet Heater 100 double engine specification

  1. Refractory steel furnace
  2. Ambient temperature sensor
  3. Smart board
  4. One-year after sale services
  5. 10-year after sale services
  6. Fuel selection option

Jet Heater 100 double engine technical specification

  1. Maximum and minimum consumptionof gas fuel (liters per hour): 10-12
  2. Maximum and minimumconsumption of diesel fuel (liters per hour): 7-10
  3. Maximum and minimum dual fuelconsumption (liters per hour):as above
  4. Aeration volume (m3 per hour): 5000
  5. Air throw (m): 15
  6. Engine power (kWh) : 0.55
  7. Voltage(V): 220
  8. Ampere: 2.9
  9. Engine speed (RPM): 1450
  10. Propeller diameter (cm): 52
  11. Propellermaterial: PPG
  12. Suctionmotor power (kWh): 0.8
  13. Suctionmotor speed(RPM):2700
  14. Suctionvoltage (V): 220
  15. Suctionmotor (amp): 1.82

Jet fan 100 double engine with chimney

In these modes, harmful gas is released during combustion and dangerous pollutant such as co, is emitted by the chimney. The required air for combustion is supplied through a secondary engine located outside. The device is appropriate for indoors e.g. green houses, small plants lacking air condition.

Jet fan 100 single engine without chimney

In such models, any flame and gas from combustion is directly emitted in the applied space. Therefore, they are suitable for any environment with air condition and air flow e.g. livestock units, poultry farms, and…. Direct flame in environment and appropriate wind throw swiftly causes higher ambient temperature. .

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